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Photography has its biggest impact on me emotionally. I am not saying this in a bad way. For most of the time I think emotions are one of the reasons I have always gone back to photography. I am not usually a very emotional person, I will be honest with you, but I wont show…
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The Streets of London

A recent trip through the United Kingdom, the heart of London was a true eye-opener for me. I have visited before, but not with a camera, and without the hunt for awesome imagery. London in itself is spectacular, everything is picture perfect, from the street-side gourmet food stores to the little bakeries on the corner,…
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Knowledge is Everywhere

At this moment in time, our opportunities are limitless… We have information at our fingertips. We can research and find something out in a matter of seconds, we are fortunate enough to have that luxury. Use it to your advantage, educate yourself on the everyday things in your life, having a broader knowledge and putting…
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Look Beneath The Surface

I thought I would come and share what has been on my mind this morning, quickly before getting back into the countless editing projects and deadlines to meet, mainly due to my sudden urge to share this with you and see what you think or how you reflect on the subject. Do we intentionally overlook…
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Todays’ post has to do with avenues or directions in our lives. Is it good to have many or is it better to have a few? A question I often ask myself. Avenues are the options you have in your life, your next step which determines the step after that and so on, do we…
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Todays blog post is something a little different, it has to do with why we should always take pride in everything we do. I look at it in the sense that everything we create, alter, put a twist on or ultimately build is a product of yourself, the creator. In that case, we should always…
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Everyone goes through change or transition in their life. Some of us hate it, I can understand why, but I can also realize that we should embrace change for it is more often than not unforeseen and we should not try take control of it because change is actually a good thing. Change in your…
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Lately I have been on this mission to organize my life, all my equipment, my storage and the thousands upon thousands of photos and videos over dozens of memory cards has been a big project. Yeah life as a photographer or film maker tends to result in an overflow of equipment, whether it be well…
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Road Trip

Blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately. Things got a bit crazy, many shoots, too much editing and all the while trying to fit in the time to see this awesome place we call planet earth, well because it is pretty epic. On to the main part of this blog, sharing why…
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It has been one hell of a roller coaster ride lately, I can’t complain at all I have loved every second. It does definitely take its toll though. In the same light I seem to learn and gain more knowledge than ever when I am at my most active. During all this chaos I tend…
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