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Photography has its biggest impact on me emotionally.

I am not saying this in a bad way. For most of the time I think emotions are one of the reasons I have always gone back to photography. I am not usually a very emotional person, I will be honest with you, but I wont show you if I am upset or hurting, mainly because I prefer to do that in my own space where i can have a level head and divulge the information at hand.

Photography is often my escape from the emotions I can’t control, such as anxiety and stress, which are normal things in everyone’s life. However I use photography and capturing images, whether it be people, animals, buildings or plants to take my mind away from the problem at hand and think of solutions to the issue, rather than emphasising on the problems. Sometimes separating yourself from an issue can result in a clear space to make a logical decision to change the outcome.

Photography can also very quickly take me from a negative mindset to a positive one, it could be the people or subjects I am shooting that are making me smile, or maybe it is just because I love what I do. Regardless, you can always make a situation a little bit better if you are optimistic.

In this image we see a groom and his groomsman having a celebratory toast before his big day. Beside him stands his father, his father in-law to be and his brother. A traditional grouping of men before he starts the rest of his life with his wife.

This photo is very significant, being privileged enough to photograph this special occasion is a big honour, I also know the bond this family shares is very strong and the celebration of this day will only strengthen that relationship and pull everyone closer together. I have this awesome feeling of happiness and pride when I see these photos as I know how much it meant to them and how this day will forever be remembered.

Congratulations to Calvin & Karla Strydom




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