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Look Beneath The Surface

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I thought I would come and share what has been on my mind this morning, quickly before getting back into the countless editing projects and deadlines to meet, mainly due to my sudden urge to share this with you and see what you think or how you reflect on the subject.

Do we intentionally overlook situations or the truth to satisfy our own beliefs and morals? Has that become a normal thing nowadays, to act as if it is redundant because it does not affect you or because you enjoy doing something, you know the truth but you choose to believe otherwise to prove your own ideals?

I am not meaning that in a bad way at allI do it sometimes to be honest… My whole reason behind that comment has to do with much transition happening in my life lately, believe you me I don’t see it as a bad thing at all, I believe change is a great thing and people should embrace it. The recent change in my life was a change of belief once I had been shown the truth and shown facts despite my previous perceptions of what I thought was the truth, this has nothing to do with any religion or culture.

The reason for me not mentioning the background to the story is because it could relate to anything in your life, and the point is to not only look at things from an outside point of view, divulge deeper, ask questions and do your research on aspects of your life such as the health choices you make, your exercise, your diet, how you treat others, your work ethic in the workplace, how you view yourself as a person, all these things play a major role in who we are as people.

There is no reason to be scared, why do we hide in the shadows of what we have always been told is the truth in stead of wandering out into the open land, way out in the middle in order to see what it is all about, nobody is stopping you from walking back or going to the other side, it is completely up to you in my opinion. This is your one and only life, why should you live under the roof of what you have been told is correct, you live your own life and you can make our own decisions, and in the same light all the decisions you make will have consequences and you must bare the brunt if you make the wrong decision.

If you do make the wrong decision, learn from it, move forward and try make a difference from then on.

That is all I have to say for today.


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