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Todays’ post has to do with avenues or directions in our lives. Is it good to have many or is it better to have a few? A question I often ask myself. Avenues are the options you have in your life, your next step which determines the step after that and so on, do we ever weigh up our options or do we impulsively move forward and take the step no matter what happens?

Sometimes, for me it is a bit of both. I am very cautious with my next move in some instances and in others I just take the leap, differentiating between the two is purely up to your gut feeling. It could be your decision between a trip around Europe or investing in property, which do you choose? Do you invest in your future or do you experience life as it happens and invest in the present?

What we are searching for most often in our lives is a purpose, a purpose for being here and how you make a difference. The real goal isn’t defining that purpose but knowing that the true purpose is being present, be present for yourself and enjoy life as it happens in front of you, be present for others, show respect and care for them, be present for children and those growing or learning something new as they still have much to learn.

If you have always had the dream of seeing Bali, please by all means go online and book your tickets, if you can’t afford it right now don’t give up because you do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, and if you believe that getting a good job to pay for that holiday is written in your future, or to start something up on your own and have a great business idea, then make it happen. It’s that simple, the smallest step is still one step closer.

“If we constantly live in a world of unexplored possibilities our outcomes will be consistently average. Take chances and put your most positive and hardworking foot forward, living an amazing life isn’t easy and an easy life isn’t amazing”

A quote to end off this Monday’s thoughts…



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