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Everyone goes through change or transition in their life. Some of us hate it, I can understand why, but I can also realize that we should embrace change for it is more often than not unforeseen and we should not try take control of it because change is actually a good thing.

Change in your life can bring on stress and pain and a whole host of other problems, but it teaches us to deal with them. We have to be able to step out of our comfort zones and try something a different way, the ability to problem-solve is vital. I am constantly going through transitions in my life, such as trying to shoot something I have never photographed before, stepping into the unknown and taking it one step at a time, trying to produce absolute magic for the client. The only way I deal with it, take a step back, weigh up your options, try a few different ways of approaching the project and then go from there, your gut will lead the way. If you make a mistake, regroup and try again, there is nothing wrong with that.

As we go along we learn so many new things, we learn things about the world, our environment and most importantly about ourselves. Because our self control is the first and only point of control we do have, our actions and our decisions determine our next step, always keep that in mind.

One of the most important things I try to remind myself when going through one of these transition stages is to be patient, the good times will come.

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