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Road Trip

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Blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately. Things got a bit crazy, many shoots, too much editing and all the while trying to fit in the time to see this awesome place we call planet earth, well because it is pretty epic.

On to the main part of this blog, sharing why I believe touring South Africa should come before touring the rest of the world. Mainly because I think that touring your own country which has culture and heritage relative to you or someone you know in some way. To learn the history of the people which had a massive roll to play in the way South Africa and the world is shaped today. We have the ability to understand and empathize, we live in the present and being able to go back in time and connect the dots, gives us a greater depth of knowledge on the reasoning for the way we live today.

It isn’t difficult, visit one of the many heritage sites we have in this amazing country. Such as the Nelson Mandela Heritage site in Midlands, if you are on holiday in Cape Town visit The Castle of Good Hope, feel like doing a road trip? Head to Eastern Cape, visit the Cango Caves and do the amazing drive along the Route 62.

We have so many options and we live in such an amazing country, all these experiences are moments you will carry with you for the rest of your life, a new experience is always worth it. As long as you have the best person for you by your side and you know that they want the same thing as you. Whether it be to live today to the fullest, to create a lifetime of memories rather than a lifetime full of blurred evenings. Any experience is way more valuable to you than a night down at the pub, all these activities won’t cost you much either, may even do your kidneys and wallet a favour…

Anyway, enough of the yapping, all I am trying to say is we live in such an amazing country, go and see it, before you decide to go to Thailand to become a teacher, or jump on the yachts and find a passion for the lifestyle in Madrid or living ‘the life’ on some yacht for 6 months of the year without¬† truly learning our heritage, our history, all the experiences South Africans should have before they go overseas and forget. Be proud of your country and respect this phenomenal place, if everyone took on this attitude I think there would be a bit more peace in this nation.

If we really tried, we could all get along, hopefully my pictures can one day bring people together from far and wide.

Places we stayed along the way:

  • Oudtshoorn – Karoo Retreat
  • East London – The Artists Escape
  • Port St Johns – Amapondo Backpackers
  • South Coast – Mantis & Moon Back Packers Lodge


and some pictures…

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