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Lately I have been on this mission to organize my life, all my equipment, my storage and the thousands upon thousands of photos and videos over dozens of memory cards has been a big project. Yeah life as a photographer or film maker tends to result in an overflow of equipment, whether it be well used or broken I some how keep it and make other uses for it. Which I think is pretty cool, unless you are one of those people who buys and sells everything.

Staying on top of things is difficult, as we all know our To-Do pile can add up very quickly and we can fall behind. Some of us thrive on the pressure, others don’t. More often than not you can tell which one you are straight away. I was always the one doing the project the night before, or studying the morning of the exam and I know now that isn’t healthy and that was at my younger ages.

Maybe I didn’t have the maturity to be organized or have the mental capability to believe , or accomplish all the tasks and objectives. I am not sure, but I know now that I should have started doing personal projects from a much younger age. I always try have something to build or a project to work on whether it be an independent personal film or trying to learn to use a new piece of software to further your skills and knowledge.

I have had quite a few things going on, I have been building shelves to start storing all my camera equipment, as the list gets longer the storage space gets smaller, so shelving and custom straps and holders to keep chargers and tripods neatly organized is the only way forward without being drowned in a spiderweb of extension cables and camera boxes and their warranties.

I have also completely revamped my website and added a few photo albums of our recent trip away if you would like to read the Road Trip Blog.

Heading back to the main purpose of this post, is that I believe in order for any hard working person to stay on top of their game and have the ability to be creative in every aspect of the life and career, they should keep busy with personal projects, no matter how big or small. Whether it be gardening or learning to play guitar, blogging or helping out with your local community, do something selfless and you will become and more understanding person.

It may open up a few new avenues for you, go out there and create, create change, create content, creative an initiative to preserve indigenous trees in South Africa. There are so many of us, we all have time, time that we waste sitting on the couch watching TV, I am not going to lie I spent the last 2 days in bed basically not touching a single project so I am a culprit too, we will never get that time back. It’s such a valuable resource, we could use it to our advantage if we all knew that it would pay off in multiple ways.

We would rather sign up to ShowMax on DSTV and commit to 3 new series with 24 episodes each on any given Sunday than start a goal to landscape the garden and fix up all the problems around the house, which is quite sad really.

To end off, I believe if you want to be at your best keep your brain busy, try to learn new things all the time and continue to be on the forefront of your profession/passion, that way you will never have to catch up.


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