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It has been one hell of a roller coaster ride lately, I can’t complain at all I have loved every second. It does definitely take its toll though. In the same light I seem to learn and gain more knowledge than ever when I am at my most active.

During all this chaos I tend to glide off to an imaginary place where opportunities are easy to come by and you don’t have to work hard in order to achieve your goals, to actually be successful, in the sense that you are proud of your accomplishments and where they have taken you.

Then I slowly drift back to reality where I come to understand that staying active is not only keeping me on my toes, encouraging me to strive as a creative and make a name for myself in a world saturated with people on the exact same path.

My answer, from what I have learned so far, there is no exact way to do it, the only way to make an impact and to get it done is to actually do something in the first place, give it your all and don’t stop until you think you deserve to come up for a breath of fresh air.

My point behind that statement is that you make the choice when to float to the surface, to come and take a  breather, is because you are the only one stopping yourself.

If you get up in the morning with a plan and you accomplish all those tasks you set for yourself and you do them to the best of your ability because you actually care. Well then all this paragraph is doing is reassuring you that you can actually do it, and if you are, carry on.

I live to hear ‘die hard’ entrepreneurs’ stories, the knowledge shared and the knowledge gained when I get the opportunity to talk to a veteran in the business world is amazing, I learn more than I could ever imagine. Not that I am a sponge for information but because I learn from their experiences and adapt it to my own. We are in a forever changing world where we can not see what is happening tomorrow. The ability to master the process of change and use it for your benefit is the ultimate skill, the opportunities may not always come, and sometimes when they do we have to step out of our comfort zone. Don’t let your lack of bravery stand in front of your future, why would you do that?

Persevere, there is no winning or losing, there is only learning.

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