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I am not obssessed with photography, I am just really passionate about capturing those moments...

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photography and videography combined together

Providing the full package, one quotation and one service provider capturing your whole wedding. I facilitate a team of 4 people who control every aspect of filming and photographing the day. With the use of professional sound and lighting we create emotional albums and videos which will make you celebrate your day everytime you see the footage.

other services we offer

We are always up for a new challenge. We make it our aim to understand the business or brand we are capturing in order to correctly portray the story through the imagery. Every client is different and we and we handle this by capturing each client in a unique way, which is a core factor of why we have been able to work with many brands across multiple industries.

Real Estate

Photographing and videographing homes has been a new avenue for me. I have found a recent love for the property industry and am look to further my client base within this dynamic and forever changing sector.

Event Photography

Photography and videography of your events is vital in terms of marketing the next event/season. Photos and videos do it perfectly allowing you to share brand awareness and market value of product placement.


 Whilst travelling the country and photographing wildlife I interact with many game lodges and retreats, working with them to create content for their brands and use the local imagery in the area to build their website and social media feeds.

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